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I.G.S. Certificates Bring Confidence When Buying Or Selling Diamonds, Gemstone And Jewelry. Total Commitment To Understanding Consumer Concerns Has Motivated I.G.S. To Develop Comprehensive Analysis And Clear Documentation For Consumer. This Empowers Jewelry Buyers To Focus On Finding Preciously What They Want With Full Assurance In The Integrity And Quality Of The I.G.S. Certifications.

Gemstones Should Only Change Hands When Accompanied By A Certificate Attesting To Quality. An IGS Certificate Clearly Discloses The Details Of Any Item It Accompanies, Providing Confidence For Both Buyer And Seller.

IGS Diamond Grading Report

The I.G.S. Diamond Grading Report Includes Assessment Of Diamond’s 4cs (I.E) Colour, Clarity, Cut And Carat Weight Along With It’s Diagram Of It’s Clarity Characteristics And A Graphic Representation Of The Diamonds Proportions.

For Solitaires And Standard Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Falling In The A To Z Color Range The Report Also Includes A G.I.A Cut Grade Done By Latest Technological Instruments.

The I.G.S Laboratory Issues The Reports For Pointers In The D To Z Colour Rang. I.G.S Also Provide Reports For Detecting Synthetic And Stimulants

Color Stone Grading Report

The I.G.S Coloured Stone Report Is Based On A Precious Stone Analysis Which Is Designed To Identify The Species And Verity Of Coloured Gem. Since New Technologies Are Continually Being Developed And Applied To After The Treated Rubies, Sapphire Emeralds And Other Gemstones The I.G.S Scientific Approach Is Vital To Ensure Optimum Reliability. The I.G.S Coloured Stone Report Clearly States Whether The Stone Is Natural Or Synthetic. I.G.S. Report Provides Other Data Describing It’s Shape, Cut, Weight, Measurements Colour Transparency ?And Major Optical Characteristics And Also Includes Detailed Photograph Of The Stone/Gemstone. Should Only Change Hands When Accompanied By ?A Certificate Testing To Quality Regardless Of Location Or Market Place An Authentic I.G.S Laboratory Report Is The Common Language Of Trust And Confidence In The Gemological World.